Manufacture Mara stockings and tights
Manifattura Mara, was founded in 1989 as an assembly facility for stockings and sheer tights. From its earliest days, it has proven its mission based on the highest production quality.
In 2001, the company moved to its current location, improving its processes and its speed of response to an increasingly demanding and complex market.
Oeko-TexManifattura Mara assembles stockings and sheer tights for both women and girls, ranging from classic to "fashion" items, made with fine yarns that ensure superior robustness and comfort.
Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards as certified by the Oeko-Tex quality system and by dedicated internal quality control procedures. We also practice environmental care in all our production processes, in compliance with our eco-friendly corporate ethos. The company's goals reflect typical 'Made in Italy' concepts. Our priorities are focused on speed, efficiency and flexibility – today's essential criteria for a successful response to the global market challenge.